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About Us

If there is one forever that all of us have, it is NOW! The moments we make an effort of understanding ourselves, and choose to live a better version is how we work towards a better future.

We at Jaivik Smart are online food, specialty grocery & agriculture product store.

Our wise belief is to focus on natural elements. Through the different tools, products, services, nutritional guidance, we offer from a clean source & organic ingredient.

All our products are natural, minimally processed and free from any artificial ingredients, In line with our objective of helping small farmers. Our aim is to provide every household natural & 100% pure farm produces directly delivery to their doorsteps. And to encourage organic farming & best practices in farmer community with providing them technical support, knowledge & Training.

If you have never paid attention to the purity of your food & grocery items, it is high time you do now. switch to natural and organic products online.